Conquistadora – Old Recursion   Level 3

Laws: Standard Physics, Magic

Foci: cast spells, channels divine blessings, crafts illusions, entertains, fights dirty, hunts outcasts, hunts with great skill, looks for trouble, masters defense, masters weapon, moves like a cat, needs no weapon, sees beyond, stands like a bastion, throws with deadly accuracy, wields two weapons at once.

Skills: Conquistadora lore

Connection to the Strange: Swim out from the beach far enough and you enter the Strange

Connection to the Earth: Most temples tend to contain a portal somewhere

Size: Unknown - large

Spark: Unknown

Trait: Sharp eyed

What a Recursor knows about Conquistadora: Unknown when this recursion was started, perhaps from the myths of the ancient natives of the Americas, in particular the stories of the Aztecs, Incans and Mayans as well as other lesser known cultures. 

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