Monday, March 23, 2015

Ride of the Midnight Angels

2ND Session of The Strange – The Midnight Angels

Delta Squad of the Estate was sent to explore a recursion that was showing an unusual amount of activity. Their mission was one of reconnaissance and possible intervention if they deemed the threat to be immediate. The Estate knew that the recursion was a mirror of Earth but were uncertain what exactly how it varied.

Delta Squad:
Rei Clark is a fast Vector who leads on Earth.
Jenna Jones is a stealthy vector who is licensed to carry on earth.
Junestar Jackson is a clever vector who operates under cover on earth.
Solomon Jackson is an intelligent spinner who works the system on earth.
Maxim Brass is a strange paradox who entertains on earth.

At the end of the translation Delta Squad found themselves in a bathroom rest stop along an unmarked highway. While their physical attributes remained essentially the same, they were dressed in 70’s biker gear. Dressed in their riding leathers, they exited the bathroom and inspected their apparel and appearance.  Iron Rose, Boom Boom, Short Shorts, The Prince, and Ebony Sweetness were ready to explore and investigate the recursion.

Their first contact was with another biker group called the Rough Riders who were headed to “The Rally.” While the Riders were somewhat hostile and skeptical of a group with so many female riders, tough talk from Rei/Iron Rose and some smooth dealing from Solomon/The Prince helped the encounter end well. 

Delta Squad headed to "The Rally" to see what further information they could uncover.  Along the way they encountered various individuals who shared with them bits of information about "The Rally."

Leroy Cobb - The only trucker to frequent the route along the highway in his rig the Freeloader.

Mr. Cooper - Owner of the only Gas station along the route. He warns the squad about the bad drugs and possible violence that always takes place at "The Rally."

Outside of Scoop-town Rally they parked their bikes and ate at the Shining Hog were they met the colorful and informative Harmony Maddocks. Her only complaint was about the nightly bar fights among the various gangs that frequented the Hog.  Ebony Sweetness drew the attention of  Tyrone "Velvet" Compton whom they identified as possessing the spark. Velvet knew there was something funny about the rally being an endless reality and was concerned about a new drug making the rounds that caused some the participants of the rally to "flip out." Velvet also noticed that those "flipped" later turned up missing.

The lead act of "The Rally" was Ronnie "Razor" Valiant and the Cutthroats. The Midnight Angels attended the concert and were on the look for something or someone out of place. During their set of music, a guest musician sang one song that caused the entire concert to black out. Vexx Mallor's pale skin, orange eyes and bright green hair set him apart from everyone else at "The Rally."  (The entire squad failed to make their roll on might and made for smoother transition to their imprisonment.)

The awaken to find themselves imprisoned and being questioned by Obsidian Tempest, a partner with Vexx Mallor. Through the course of the conversation they become aware that Obsidian and Vexx are from another recursion and are abducting anyone gifted with the spark.  To be continued . . . 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

1st Mission - Monsters in the closet

Our new team will be going on their first mission tomorrow evening as they seek to help the Whitmore's with their son who fears that there are monster's in his closet.