Adventure Seeds

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Starting Mission
Monsters in the Closet - Dominic & Angel Whitmore's son Zac is complaining about monsters in the closet. 

Cast of Characters:
Mr. Dominic Whitmore is a teacher in his late 40s. He is just below average height and slim with angular features, very short, brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He is annoyed by ignorance, but a sucker for underdogs. Dominic has a weakness for impatience, but strives for diligence. He lives with his family. His favourite season is summer. He thinks his son Zac spends too much time playing with imaginary crap.

Mrs. Angel Whitmore - is a realtor in her early 40s. She is just below average height and solid with closed features, medium, wavy, brown hair, and grey eyes. She is disappointed with her son Zac, but a dotes on Alex. Angel has a weakness for food, but strives for temperance. She lives with her family. She secretly wonders if she and Dom are to blame for their son's obsession with fantasy.

Eva-Yolanda Hernández Regla. - A middle aged Mexican Housekeeper in her late 50's. She care for the boys in the absence of their parents. She is average height and thin with rough features, long, black hair, and dark brown eyes. She is rather superstitious, and is a sucker for urban legends.  Eva is fearful and believes the world is filled with evil spirits. She likes to drink herbal teas..  

The Boys - Alex and Zac. Play to find out who they are and what they are about - - -

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