Estate Agents

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Notable NPCs

The Director - Unknown - All orders come from the Director.

Ms. Katherine J. Manners - LEAD OPERATIVE -  Former CIA Agent in her mid 40s. She is short and willowy with hard features, very long, red hair, and dark hazel eyes. She is annoyed by the status quo, but a sucker for chick flicks. She has a weakness for envy, and strives for diligence. She lives with her self. Her favourite season is summer. She is a founding member of the Estate, and one of the institution’s most important field agents. She was an associate of Carter Strange back in the day.

HertzfeldRESEARCH CHIEF - Former  webmaster in his early 30s. He is short and chubby with weak features, medium, straight, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He is annoyed by foolish bravery, but a sucker for novelty. Geoff has a weakness for lust, and strives for diligence. He lives with his self. His favourite drink is mountain dew. He is native to a recursion formed by fictional leakage from a random blend of science fiction novels and manga comics. He returns there yearly on a secret sabbatical where he tends what he calls the “Orchid.”

Lawrence Keaton - INVESTIGATIONS CHIEF - A former sales rep in his mid 50s. He is average height and compact with strong features, long, dark brown hair, and blue green eyes. He is annoyed by flattery, but a sucker for secrets and conspiracy theories. Lawrence has a weakness for wrath, and strives for temperance. He lives with his dog and girlfriend. His favourite drink is lager. Lawrence Keaton (level 6): Investigations Chief, tends to monopolize operatives. A functional alcoholic, balancing on the edge of being put on administrative leave for related lapses.

The Sams - Both Sams work in the Library & Archives. 

Samantha Peterson - was a travel agent in her mid 20s. She is average height and slender with strong features, short, straight, dark brown hair, and dark green eyes. She is annoyed by lost information, but a sucker for expensive but uneccessary things. Sam has a weakness for procrastination, but strives for humility. She lives with her three dogs. She like computer games

"Old Man" Sam - His is past is unknown, but Sam looks to be a man in his 70's but in surprisingly good health. He is cranky and reclusive but knows the library and archives better than almost anyone. He prefers books and reading to dealing with people. He is a sucker for a good cigar or drink. 

ALPHA SQUAD - "The Storm Chasers"
Josiah "Hawk" Covington- Josiah has fair skin and a discerning eyes and a strong jawline. Josiah was a judge in his late 50's.  He loves complete honesty, blind faith, and romanticized outlaws. He is wise, very honest and has a gift for recognizing lies. He has been an agent for the longest, starting in his 30's. Josiah is a sharped eyed vector who leads on earth.

Monique "Pixie" Cannon - Monique has cute features and chocolate brown eyes. She is just below average height and has sandy blond hair. She was a navy photographer in her late 20's. One of her hobbies is writing poetry. Her favourite sin is vanity. She likes wild animals of any sort and lost causes. She dislikes sad endings, dirty stuff, and boring people. Monique is an intelligent paradox who solves mysteries on earth.

Trevor "Overdrive" Hodges - Trevor has several piercings, long black hair, sharp hazel eyes and a tall, muscular build. He was a stunt person in his mid-30's. His favourite sin is pride. He is brave and very confident. He is annoyed by irony, new members of other squads, and sappy romantic things. He holds a grudge against Felix Holliday who has consistently beat him in boxing and wrestling. Trevor is a brash vector who looks for trouble on earth. 

Jesse "Velvet" Greg - Jesse has a short, lean build and haunted features. Jesse was a con artists in his early teens and in is his early 20's now. He is a sucker for good weather, strict codes of honor, and dudes/damsels in distress. His favourite sin is lying. He dislikes cute and fuzzy things and the 'bad boy/girl' look. One of his hobbies is magic tricks and illusions. He was arrested many times as a teen and was the only one to ever fool Josiah with his lies. The two are good friends and have a deep respect for their gifts. Jesse is a clever spinner who works the system. 

BETA SQUAD - "The Gallant Court"

Finn "Merlin" Landry - was a scientist in his mid 40s. He is very short and pudgy with round features, long, wavy, light brown hair, and pale blue eyes. He is annoyed by sappy romantic things, but a sucker for challenges. Jeffery is fascinated with research, and strives for temperance. He lives with his cats and fiance. His favourite food is cheese. Finn is a skeptical paradox who conducts weird science on earth.  

Eli "Dog" Dunbar -  was a systems analyst in his 50s. He is average height and stocky with pinched features, short, curly, pale brown hair, and dark hazel eyes. He is annoyed by elaborate schemes, but a sucker for chivalry. Eli has a weakness for envy, and strives to be dutiful. He enjoys spending his time in Ardeyn and has become a collector of things Egyptian. Eli is a strange vector who wields two weapons on earth.

Luna "Lady" Maynard - was a usability consultant in her 30s. She is very short and stout with regular features, very short, straight, jet black hair, and dark brown eyes. She is annoyed by wild animals of any sort, but a respects authority and formality. Luna has a weakness for wrath, but strives for generosity. She lives with her cat. She loves dancing. Luna is an graceful spinner who entertains on earth.

Zoe "Valor" Dotson - was a mercenary in her mid 30s. She is very tall and stout with open features, short, curly, black hair, and pale blue eyes. She is annoyed by con artists, but a sucker for music. Kelsey has a weakness for sloth, and strives for temperance. She lives with her dog and cats. She is a gifted singer & musician. Zoe is an appealing vector who is licensed to carry on earth. 

Kullaka "Cool" Tagore  was an urban planner in his late 20s. He is average height and willowy with hard features, short, wavy, thin black, and dark brown eyes. He is annoyed by obscure trivia, but a sucker for shiny stuff. Nicholas has a weakness for vanity, and strives for kindness.  His favourite drink is coke. He is a gifted negotiator and has brokered many peace treaties in Ardeyn. Kullaka is a clever spinner who solves mysteries. 

GAMMA SQUAD - "Eclipse Horizon"

Aubrianna "Chisel" Robinson - was a sculptor in her 50s. She is very tall and frail with angular features, long, curly, pale brown hair, and pale green eyes. She is annoyed by gullible people, but a sucker for rare cocktails. Aubrianna has a weakness for vanity, and strives for patience. She lives with her parrot. Aubrianna is an intelligent spinner who operates under cover.  

Tristen "Sparks" Chin -was a disk jockey in his early 40s. He is average height and slender with sharp features, very short, wavy, white blonde hair, and pale blue eyes. He is annoyed by obscure trivia, but a sucker for dudes/damsels in distress. Tristen has a weakness for envy, and strives for generosity. He is fascinated by new inventions or discoveries. Tristen is a lucky paradox who conducts weired science on earth. 

Felix "Bullet" Holliday - was a former police officer in his 50's. He is tall and has a muscular build. His head is shaved and he has piercing grey eyes. He feels responsible for the safety of his squad mates and feels guilt over some of their recent deaths. He lives alone. He has a weakness for wrath but strives to be fair and just. He does not care for bullies and has a particular dislike for Hodges who calls him Nurse Holliday. Felix is a strong vector who solves mysteries on earth. 



Rei "Blondie" Carter

Jenna "Jonesy" Jones

Junestar "Junebug" Jackson -

Solomon "King" Jackson - 

Maxim "Creampuff" Brass -

 ZETA SQUAD - The Greybeards

Colt "Cutter" Hammer

Aryius "Scavenger" Quintus

Maxwell "Short Circuit" Grim

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